About Us

Protech Nepal Employment Pvt. Ltd is a dedicated Nepal based manpower recruiting organization. Since our establishment, we have been identifying, selecting, recruiting and supplying different levels of employees to employers overseas. We are one of the leading manpower recruiting agency with a long term experience. Protech Nepal Employment Pvt. Ltd is a trustworthy manpower requiting agency in Nepal. All of our clients have been very happy with the manpower we have provided. We always try to get the right kind of manpower according to the requisition of the employer company. We have been getting professionally skilled manpower to semi skilled and unskilled manpower depending on the requirements of the employer. We have been supplying employees to different companies in Japan, Dubai, Malaysia, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and other countries.

Our Objectives:

• Act as a liaison between employers from overseas looking for recruiting workers from Nepal and Nepalese people seeking job abroad
• Identify, Select and qualify appropriate personnel
• Provide job trainings and language trainings to selected workers to develop their working skills and communication skills
• Placement of right person for the right job
• Supply qualified, skilled and hard working human resources to foreign employers
• Support national economy by increasing remittance in to the country.

Our Clients