Protech Nepal Employment has it's own strategy of selecting the personnel and providing them trainings.
• We select the candidates for the job according to their qualification and experience. We conduct various methods of examinations including the interview.
• Once they are selected, we send them to professional training institutes for refreshment trainings. If some specific trainings are needed, we co-ordinate with the employer and provide them those trainings. Those trainings will develop the skills that are needed to them and make them competent and confident which will lead them to higher productivity.
 • Besides job trainings, we also provide them basic English speaking course so that they can communicate in the foreign land. This will help both the employer and the employees to communicate from the very beginning.
• We also provide them information about the working environment, culture, and people of the country and area they are going to be placed for employment. This will give them an idea of their working area and they will be prepared to work accordingly.
• The employees we send abroad should be paid according to their qualifications and the regulations of company that hire them.

Training Courses

1. Electrician             10. ARC Welding                             19. Finishing
2. Scaffolding 11. Gas Welding 20. Steel fixer
3. Construction Supervisor   12. Care Giver 21. Structural fabricator
4. Industrial Safety  13. House Keeping 22. Security guard
5. Electronics Helper  14. Mason (block mason) 23. Spray painting
6. Mechanical helper  15. Mason (tile fixing) 24. Wall painting
7. Ac Helpers    16. Pipe fitting 25. Carpenter (Shuttering)
8. Marble grinding   17. Rigger   26. Maintenance of Home appliances
9. Plumbing 18. Salesman 27. Repair and maintenance of building installations


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